Wednesday, August 27, 2008

30 & Fabulous

Is it wrong to call yourself fabulous? Oh well. Better I say it than no one at all. I've been using the excuse, "because I'm turning 30," all summer long. The official celebration began on August 22, however, with the cake Ryan made. Mmm. A roulade.

Saturday morning I ate leftover cake for breakfast. Then Katie C. took me to lunch, out for a mani and a little shopping, and then to Doodle's for ice cream. All in the pouring down rain. Thanks, Katie-bug!

Then on to Cantina for some fish tacos and those delicious cupcakes from Leah. Thanks to Katie B. and Leah for organizing. It was THE best!


Bowlby said...

I'm grateful you have two friends named Katie so you don't feel compelled to call me Katie Bug.

stephinbham said...

Ha ha. It just works for Katie C. I would never dream of adding a "bug" on to your name. I know better!

Leah said...

I love your polka-dotted shirt.

That looks like a militant cake cutter.

AmyB said...

That's funny because I call Katie C. "My Katiedid." Something about her begs for sweet little nicknames.
P.S. Ryan looks sort of scary with that enormous knife. What the heck kind of cake needs to be cut with something that big?

stephinbham said...

A roulade, Amy. Apparently you need a serrated knife that will also remove one's foot if necessary.