Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You Want Opinions? I Got 'Em

1. Al Roker has gotten too silly for me. Not that I enjoyed his silliness before, it's just that it's gotten waaaay worse. And has anyone else noticed the stutter malfunction the last couple of weeks? It only happens when he's sending viewers to local weather. Examples.

"Here's what's happening in your your neck of the woods."
"Here's what's happening -appening in your neck of the woods."
"Here here's what's happening in your neck of the woods."

2. I like Britney's mom's new hair. She looks nice. Although, she does need a new bra. One with underwire.


Summah said...

I think she looks a little like posh spice.

Yeah, the Al Roker thing is annoying—I wondered if I was the only one who noticed it. I think it was something to do with the people at NBC 13 in Bham...something about when they fix it so that it runs smoothly into one another. It's not always been like that. Some amateur must be running the board...

Leah said...

I've always found him annoying. Especially when he hosted the SL Cook-Off and kept saying how fattening everything was, then went backstage and downed a couple of Oreos. I guess that's all that would fit in his stomach.

Ever since then I've been annoyed when he shows up in stuff I'm watching. You're annoying! Go away already!

Bo Knows said...

Have you noticed that Al is on like all 12 hours of the Today Show? Doesn't the guy have a life outside of NBC?

And in regards to Britney's mom... what bra?

Brooke said...

Steph. What's with the ads? Are you pimping out your blog?

Hudlow Family said...

The Al stutter thing has been driving me crazy too! "Neck, neck of the woods". I personally have a problem with Ann though. She tries to make every person she interviews cry. She has even resorted to touching people on the thigh and she leans in waaaay too much. Plus, what is up with the whispering. This is the TODAY show not Felicity.

stephinbham said...

Yes, indeed. The blog is being pimped out. For, literally, about $.50 a click.

OMG, Lynlee, I totally agree about Ann! I used to really love her, but lately she's just been way too emotional when she interviews! The hand pat, the voice, the way she cocks her head and stares. Make it stop!