Monday, February 11, 2008


I got scolded at Anthropologie. I thought the people who worked there were all peace and love and one world, one heart. Um, no. While Sara, Amy, and I were there on Saturday (Lenox Mall, Buckhead), we saw a really cool, what do you call it, sculpture? It was a contraption of branches and paper cut and folded to look like flowers, and it was hanging above the register. Amy thought it would be cool to do something similar for a party story. So Sara told me to take a picture. I took one shot, and as I was zooming in to take another, out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman waving frantically. I thought she was being silly, trying to wave at the camera, so I gave the obligatory half smile and kept on framing the shot. And then I hear her say to Amy, "She can't take pictures in here."

What. Ever. Lady, please. You don't have a copyright on branches and paper. And besides, anything we create at The Magazine is going to look way awesomer than yours. That's right. Awesomer.

Amy just looked at her, like, um, yeah, not this girl's mom, don't even know her. And I said, "Uhhh, okay. I'll just delete them." Followed by, "Or not," muttered under my breath.

Come on. If I worked at Anthropologie, I would be SO embarrassed that I just caused a scene to tell some girl she couldn't take a photo of sticks and paper.

So I'm posting a shot here. Come get me! I ain't scared.

AND, today I find out that Anthropologie is owned by the same parent company as Free People, and Free People has a blog about store displays, ideas, and the like. So here it is, people, steal away.



stephinbham said...

Can someone please show me how to insert a link in a post?

Bowlby said...

When you post, highlight the text you want to link to. Then click on the link button at the top (it looks like a chain). A box will pop up, and you enter the web address. That option doesn't show up on my work computer.

stephinbham said...

Thanks, Bowlby. I knew you'd know.

Robin said...

those are really cool....too late for Valentine's Day but for St Paddys day, in Easter colors, Christmas.

we should all make them and then go into Anthropologie and say loudly, "I made those and they look so much better" or "thanks to my friend Stephanie, I have the pattern to these" or, better yet, "my friend Stephanie sells these and she makes a fortune off of them. But hers are better"
that will teach them to mess with you and your blogfans.