Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tired? Or Just Blonde?

Yeah, yeah, I'm not known for my normal sleeping habits. I prefer to get up around 8 or so, watch the Today show while napping on the couch and drinking coffee, work from 11-4, nap, and then hang out till around 2 a.m. So, yeah, I don't do well with my 9-5:30. The other morning, I got up in time to take a shower before work (kidding, kidding). I washed my face first, with Purpose cleanser, then I washed my hair.

And then I squirted out a dime-size amount of conditioner, rubbed my hands together, and promptly began washing my face. With the conditioner. (Or, the cream rinse, as my mama still calls it. ha ha.)

Thankfully I caught myself and salvaged enough cream to put in my hair.

My skin was soft and tangle-free all day.


Em said...

Have you ever poured your orange juice on your cereal? Yeah, I have. And I'm a brunette.

Mom said...

It has been called cream rinse longer than it has been conditioner. Don't hate. At least I do know how to pronounce "frog"!

Cassandra said...
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Summah said...

have totally poured orange juice in my cereal! And it could've been worse, Steph—the other day my grandmother mixed up her Ben-Gay with her toothpaste. That's disastrous no matter how you look at it.

And ps: Just so you know, inverting two letters in the your blog Web address will send you here:

Imagine my surprise

stephinbham said...

Awww, mom. I'm not hatin'. And don't you find it a little strange that BOTH your daughters say "frawg?" We had to have learned that from someone.

Robin said...

I have to admit that last summer I used half a bottle of creme rinse instead of lotion before I realized my mistake.