Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Tonight I went to a Junior League meeting at someone's home. Once a year several people host home meetings, and I needed a meeting credit, so I signed up to attend one near my house.

I didn't really know anyone except for one girl I interned with a long time ago, and so afterwards we were all standing around chatting. One girl had mentioned that she transferred in from the Miami Junior League recently, so we were asking her questions about its size and what kinds of service work they do.

This girl mentioned that she had started out in Montgomery, then transferred to Florida, and finally here. So, the logical question is what was in Miami, right?

Well I wish someone else had asked. Because after I asked her what took her to Miami and then to B'ham, she got kind of embarrassed. Followed by this.

"Well, I was engaged, but..." Uncomfortable giggles from her. "Well, um, anyway [more giggles] we didn't, and um, I told him he could have Miami and I came back home."

Yeah, okay, glad we got that cleared up. In front of eight women you don't know.


Lindsey said...

Her awkward, not yours. She opened the door & she chose not to have a good story prepared that she wouldn't giggle while telling. Give the girl a little credit, at least she got engaged before she moved, that is alot more then some people manage to do before following a man! Ha! (not that there is anything wrong with that:)

Summah said...

It could've been worse. At least no one died in her story.