Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Say What?

Two men walked past my cube today, chatting. Here’s what I overheard.

"He gets pulled over because all the police know is that they are looking for a red blazer driven by a skinny white guy who’s been robbing the harlots."

Harlots? Really? I’m pretty sure I heard this correctly.


The men came back. One was talking about a sketchy dude who won $20 mil off a scratch-off ticket.

“His problem is, he hasn’t registered. So, he cannot claim the money. Or he can give the ticket to a friend and have him claim the money. Problem is, somebody like that probably don’t have the kind of friend who’d give the money back. Or he can serve his time [for not registering...omg, is he a sex offender?] and come out rich. So that’s what he’s gonna do. Serve his time and come out rich.”


Bo Knows said...

What's a harlot?

stephinbham said...

Per Webster's:
Middle English, rogue, buffoon, female prostitute, from Anglo-French herlot beggar, vagabond


Robin said...

this guy is robbing harlots and he won 20 mil? that is just wrong.

Kinda sounds like a meaner version of Earl.... he has really bad karma.

lindsey said...

I heard about this guy on fox--he was a registered sex offender...until he moved states & stopped registering. Then he bought a lotto ticket & won. Now they are saying that it will be awhile before he gets to spend the money. I can't explain where the harlots come in, although that should be a nail color. Harlot Red:)

stephinbham said...

Now that is a color I can get behind. OPI? Do you hear us?

Summah said...

I think a lot of people would get behind Harlots— sorry. Terribly vulgar reference.
I love cube talk. People think these walls are so sturdy and just hang out right by door and carry on all sorts of conversations.

Summah said...

That was so literally changed your layout while I was midclick.