Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yes, I really NEED a dress…

But I probably don't NEED this one. So I'm just going to post a picture of it so we can all admire it. From afar. Because that's the cheapest way.

Two friends have *graciously* offered to help me justify such an extravagant purchase. Here's the thing: It's pricey for sure, but it's so cute AND versatile!

The reason I NEED a dress is for this event. See? That's legit.

But I could also wear this dress to:

1. spring/summer weddings UPDATE: A coworker's wedding is May 9. Score.
2. an April engagement I currently have
3. church on Easter
4. my May Derby party
5. the Miss Georgia party in March
6. the Miss Georgia pageant in June

That really comes out to about $30 per wear. Not bad, me thinks.

And who knows what could come up between now and, say, August or September. I might figure out 14 more uses for it by then!


Robin said...

that is a beautiful dress.

Natalie said...

Yes, it's awesome.

Bowlby said...

I don't think you're helping her NOT buy the dress.

stephinbham said...

I was gonna say…guys, I'm feeling enabled.

stephinbham said...

But my mama will bring me back down to Earth.

Mom said...

Here is Mama and you better hit the earth hard! It is cute though.

memcginn said...

Okay..wait. I'll admit, I'm one of the 'justifiers,' HOWEVER, I didn't know you were planning on wearing it to the Miss Georgia party in March and then again to the Miss Georgia pageant a month later?...Now, Stephanie, these will be the same peeps, right? You may have to lump those into one event. But no worries, I'm pretty sure you could turn that into a pin-up costume...right?

stephinbham said...

Thanks, Mom ;)

ME: Yes, technically. But at one event (in March) no one will pay me any attention because it's all about the contestants. At the second one (in June) I'll just be in the audience. So, yes, same crowd, but different people will see me each time.

Bowlby said...

Have you tried the dress on? Is it possible that it's one of those that looks beautiful from afar but you put it on and it's...meh?