Thursday, February 12, 2009

My apologies if you own one…

But, for real, guys, can the jewelry stores GET any cheesier this time of year? Every. Single. Year. They push these heart-shaped pendants for Valentine's Day. And every woman in America (I'm pretty sure this is scientific) rolls her eyes and gags. I mean, really? Nothing new or different or unique? Ever?

And you know what, even if you are a fan of such baubles, certainly you don't need more than one or two at the most, yes? Anyway, it's super annoying. I don't see anyone pushing a 14-karat gold-and-ruby turkey pendant at Thanksgiving. No multijeweled Christmas tree charms in December.

Please, dudes. Be creative. Be original. Be a total loser and don't do anything. But whatever you do, please don't support the heart trend. It needs to die.

Shown above: Jane Seymour's new design for Kay Jewelers, where I used to work. It looks like a butt. And, p.s., a new take on the ole heart pendant does not a winner make.

Confidential to my Saturday night date: I'm going to get you chocolate. That's not really original, but it's delicious. Delicious trumps original.


Natalie said...

I'll make sure I'm not wearing my new heart shaped pendant from Kay Jewelers the next time I see you... don't worry... no offense taken.

Leah said...

I told Heinz to get me a big box of Godiva chocolates. That's what I got last year, and it was awesome.

Yeah, but I like big butts.

Bowlby said...

And you cannot lie, right Leah?

I asked Justin to get my gift from Walgreens. They always have classy stuff.

Catherine and Brooke said...

LOL. It's SO funny that you should post Jane's newly designed heart pendant. When I first saw her commercial for that about a month ago I said, "ICK." WHY? It's really sad. I even had a conversation about how lame it was at work. But, I'm not a big heart person, though I'm sure these things are getting bought up as we speak by some men for some girls who will just think it's divine. :)