Monday, February 9, 2009

Kind of a Nobody

I was scrolling through the photo gallery of Grammy attendees yesterday, and the AJC's description of Paris Hilton totally cracked me up. I mean, there was "Singer and actress Miley Cyrus," "Atlanta rap star T.I.,"Rapper-mogul Jay-Z and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin," and even "Reality TV star Kim Kardashian."

And then. Then there was just Paris. Paris in her slip. "Famous person Paris Hilton." Because, really, that's all she is. And for no good reason either.


the baileys said...

ugh! she is just "famous person paris!!" what the heck?

btw, i miss you!

Leah said...

It's like someone forgot to put the real caption in. Like a magazine I saw recently that had "half and half(sp?)" in a recipe.