Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We need to talk.

About Flame. Burger King's new cologne.

Yeah, Burger King. Home of the Whopper and scented body spray.

I'm totally grossed out already but then, while reading a bit of smut on the US Weekly site, I see a disturbing commercial for Flame. With the Burger King King. In a bathtub! Shriek! Horrors!

I can't even post the video that I found on YouTube. I'm too mortified. I mean, it's set to bow-chicka-bow-wow music, people. Go see it for yourself here. I couldn't find the one with the King in the tub, but trust me, it's every bit as creepy as you might imagine. And then some.

And, seriously. Seriously. Did BK just start marketing a cologne as "Fire Meets Desire! It's seduction with a hint of flame broiled meat!"? Can you imagine that strategy meeting? If I'd been there, I would've thought someone was high. What's more, this idea was pitched and, presumably, climbed all the way to the top and no one spoke up to talk about how stupid and ridiculous a beef cologne might be.

Who wants to smell like a burger? Just. Ew.


Robin said...

is it for women? Because if it is, you could probably snare a man in a minute. You would be like the pied would be following you without even realizing it.


Leah said...

I thought it was supposed to be funny. There was even a play-doh cologne for awhile.

Natalie said...

I want you to buy some and report back. Can you buy it at BK?

Bowlby said...

I live a few blocks from a BK, and I must say that when the wind blows in just the right direction, the scent is quite alluring.

But it makes me want to eat a cheeseburger, not get freaky in the bathtub with the King. Wait, too far?

Leah said...

Ha ha Bowlby! The king IS freaky.