Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why, hello there.

Yes, it's me! I'm back! For now! Or until life takes over again! And you can tell from the abundant use of SCREAMER punctuation that I'm happy to be here! Yay!

Want to catch up?

Well. I see I haven't blogged since, huh, December. Of 2010. Almost one year ago. So a catch-up post could take some time. You might fall asleep. My life isn't that exciting. How about a few highlights instead? Okay. Here we go. Get some coffee. Or a Berry Five-Hour Energy Shot, my new drug of choice.

Just kidding, kids. Don't do drugs.

January 2011
All I remember about this month was COLD and SNOW and LAZY. See? Brrrrrr

February 2011
The shortest month of the year brought the annual Super Bowl pilgrimage to Dalton, Georgia, to see some buds and to cheer on my beloved Hines Ward and the Pittsburgh Steelers. My team lost, but there were Monster Nachos (re-created from our oversize indulgence at a Rockies game last year, oof) and the inside-joke cookie cake (Superbowl! forever), plus a new Hines Ward T-shirt, a post-game L&O marathon and plenty of karaoke. Oh, and we took off for a little basketball weekend in Athens. Yeehaw.

(What do you think of my dark hair?!)

March 2011
I don't have much to say for myself here. My calendar from 3/11 is practically empty and the only photo I can find in my files is this blurry camera shot of Hillsong Live performing (free!) at my church on a random Wednesday night. I can say for sure that we celebrated my Dad's birthday with an almond-amaretto cake. And then I guess March went out like a lamb.

Are you still awake? Wanna revisit April 2011?
The super-awesome new Railroad Park opened in downtown Birmingham, and we celebrated my good friend Amy's (here is where I would link to her blog if she would just START one!) birthday there, old-school field day style. And I made my first-ever deviled eggs. There was a shower demolition at the condo I was renting, we went bowling, and I found the long-lost finger puppet that Christopher gave me in December 2009. April was a big month. Snark.

May 2011
I kinda love the month of May, and this year it was full. And I'm not sure things have slowed down since. There was a Kenny Chesney concert (press tix, woot!), a big (and super-quick) move downtown—which we do not speak of, ever—I gained a roommate (Val, that's her below), a big ol' greasy feast at Milo's (Val had never eaten there, total travesty), and a Memorial Day trip home to the river for my grandmother's 90th birthday.

June 2011
Wild. That's all I can say about June. It was a vacation marathon: Charleston for a few days where we ate and beached and considered buying a boat and visited Firefly (!), Mt. Pleasant for a minivan ride and bowling with Nanny, Dalton/Chattanooga (my friend Jamie turned 34 and boxed some greasy dude, the beard continued to inhabit a zip code of its own, and Huey Lewis disappointed us all), and then I came home and collapsed. Vacation is exhausting, white whine.

July 2011
Nothing happens in July. It's too hot. Just kidding. There were birthday celebrations (Christopher, Val, my brother), a trip to ATL, working at The Cherry Zebra (oh yeah, my mom and sister opened a gift shop in Georgia!), and—biggest news of all—I won a free bowling party. Stop it, July! You're spoiling me.

August 2011
Click right here for all you need to know about my birthday month. I rang it in big-time. Except for my bum hip, 33 seems to be alright. Oh, and my football tickets arrived. (Don't worry, that's not my real address.)

September 2011
Wheeee! Rainy Labor Day weekend at the beach (no documentation, who wants to see that?) and my BABY brother got married. Seriously, what is that about? In between? Lots of football. And I got an iPhone (hello, lover—but not an iPhone 4S, s'okay).

Hello? Are you still there? That's 2011 in a nutshell. I'll pick up with October soon. Stick around.

*Note: I'm too tired to proofread this post. Cut me some slack?


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

yay! we're all caught up now and can finish off 2011 with a blogging bang. i'm pretty sure a trip to columbia for a football game needs to happen in 2012. yes?

Stephanie said...

Oh, yes!! Let's plan on that right now!

Katie B. said...

She lives!

The Bakers said...

Wait, what? Your brother got married? You moved, again? This is just all happening so fast...

lindsey & lewis said...

welcome back!!!!!!

The Cherry Zebra said...

You were misssed.