Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Super Freak!

And just like that, it’s October. Doesn’t it feel like we’ve been back together forever? Time flies when you’re having fun.

A couple weeks ago I journeyed back to Charleston because, let’s face it, that city is awesome. I went with a friend and we met up with friends to go to the food and wine festival sponsored by my old employer, Southern Living. (Side note: I just clicked on the SL site and my old condo—and me—popped up on the home page, "18 Budget-Friendly Makeovers." Aww, I miss that condo.) I won tickets at work, we had a place to stay, and we ended up catching a ride to South Carolina with a former co-worker, who was headed to the lovely city on official business (read: free gas).

But that’s not really the point of this story. This is about the road trip over. Seven hours in a car with two other girls where I discovered that, well.

I’m a bit of a freak.

What’s that? I’m not detecting any shock or surprise in your reactions.

Somehow—after we’d run out of gossip and YouTube videos to share—we got on the subject of weird quirks, and boy, do I have some. I’m not looking to sell out Tiff or JCole here, but I will say this: I’m not the only oddball out there. Ha! Kidding, girls.

(No I’m not.)

Anyway, for your ponderment (What's with the red line, Blogger? Is that not a word?), I'll share a few of mine.

* I will eat any combination of M&Ms except for orange and blue. I won’t eat them together. Football-related, of course, so I’m sure you can figure out my reasoning.
* I like—no, love—Oreos. My favorite cookie ever. But I prefer the cream-to-one cookie ratio, so I usually just twist them apart, eat the side with the filling, and throw away the other half. Except I did discover that my roommate will eat the other cookie half, so sometimes I save them for her. I figure I can eat double the amount of cookies this way. Yeah?
* I hate Coke. Have we talked about this before? No Diet, no Pepsi, no RC. Blargh. I do love Dr. Pepper (regular and diet) and Fresca. But I’m a tea drinker.
* I order EVERYTHING extra-crispy: wings, bacon, sausage patties (no links), homemade potato chips/fries. You pretty much can’t burn anything for me. Why this weird, I don't know. But I get lots of strange looks when I order extra-crispy food.
* I eat grated Parmesan cheese—like the kind you find on the tables at Pizza Hut—with my finger. Dump it out, stick my finger in the cheese pile, eat. If I'm someplace fancier, I might use a fork. When I was little my grandmother would let me pour Parmesan from the green Kraft container into a cup, and I'd eat it with a spoon. I called it stinky cheese. Should I be embarrassed?

I’m feeling very “I just walked into class with no pants on” right now, so I’m just going to leave you to wonder why you’re friends with me.

(This picture really has nothing to do with this blog post, but the words of a 6-year-old Bo still ring in my head: What kind of blog doesn’t have pictures?!)


The Bakers said...

What about your affection for pickle juice? Now THAT is freaky.

AmyB said...

I came here to say the SAME thing about the pickle juice!!! : )

Stephanie said...

Coming next week: an entire blog post devoted to pickle juice drinkin'.