Monday, October 24, 2011

Know what's hard to eat in the car?

Bojangle's chicken. But we did it!

I think my friends were genuinely concerned that I'd never eaten there. But we did have a seven-hour drive home to look forward to, and it was raining so we were (at least I was) sleepy already and ready to get going. We needed food, and Bojangle's was right there.

Like fate.

And, people? Bojangle's, I had no idea.

Perhaps fried chicken (which I just mistyped as "friend" chicken, maybe I'm on to something) and mac-and-cheese with Bo-Berry Biscuits (hello, delicious dessert) weren't the best road-trip energy options, but my faithful Love's gas stations are all along the Interstate, and we took the edge off with coffee and energy shots. And maybe some Oreos.

But, oh, that chicken. I can't stop thinking about it. I can't describe it here because I'd have to use words I hate, like "moist" and "succulent." Wait. I just used words I hate to describe that chicken. But it was, seriously, some of the best fried chicken ever. Ever! And now a helpful (or sick, twisted) friend has alerted me to the fact that a shiny new Bojangle's is just around the corner from me.

Oh, friend chicken and I are going to have a fabulous Fall together.

Mad props to JCole for driving and eating fried chicken without killing us all. We probably owe her a car wash.


Katie B. said...

Um...I also ate Bojangle's the first time this weekend! Sadly, not in the car. Did you try the fries? Cause they're pretty tasty.

lindsey & lewis said...

My girlfriend from durham, nc calls it "bo-hon-gles" and it was her favorite hangover pick-me-up in college:)

Stephanie said...

It's delicious, no?

I didn't have the fries, but sounds like I need too. The mac-and-cheese is not bad.