Thursday, December 16, 2010

A few of my favorite things #3

Here I am again.

With another non-post.

Stop complaining. Anything is better than total absence. Right?

(PS: It took me seven tries to spell "absence" correctly. Because I spell for a living, I do not see this as a good sign.)

(PPS: Stop laughing. The world does not have enough good spellers.)

(PPPS: I had a rather humiliating spelling gaffe at work today. Please leave career change suggestions in the comments.)

(PPPPS: This post is not about my spelling. Which I just spelled "spalling." I kid you not.)

Really, all the postscripts were just an attempt to draw out the SUSPENSE. Below, I present A Few of My Favorite Things #3. Try not to DIE from the excitement.

Magnifying Medi-Grip & Lighted MagRX via The Container Store

Just kidding.

I want a $33 24-pack of these:

This nostalgic soda still uses imperial pure cane sugar as its sweetener.

Please, dear Santa. I'm totally not kidding.


lindsey & lewis said...

be still my heart the dublin dr pepper, my parents used to bring them to me pre-liquid bombing attempt, when they came to visit. They sell them at the central market in dallas, and yes, they cost as much as imported beer and are JUST as worth it!

lindsey & lewis said...

and no, i don't spell for a living, nor do i do grammar--says the former financial analyst who is excellent at bullet points!

Anonymous said...

i think my dad has some of those dr pepper bottles at home. seriously, he has some old machines! we just so happen to be heading home tomorrow... i'll look!

ps - i miss you!