Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mushy poetry

I just downloaded a new app on my phone.

Love Poems.

It's going to provide us with endless entertainment, friends. You're welcome.

Here's today's top poem, word for word, brought to us by vickyprettyprincess. (I put it in italics because it's a work of art.)

A friend is someone u can lean on.
A lover is someone u can depend on.

A friend tells u the difference between right and wrong.

A lover keeps u modest and strong.
A friend is there for u through thick and thin.

A lover encourage u to always win.
A friend is someone who would fight for u.

A lover is someone who would die for u.

But let me tell u this before I end, a lover always begin out being a friend.

1. I detest the word "lover."
2. "A lover always begin out being a friend."
3. "u"
4. "A lover encourage u to always win."

When you recite this to your lovah (*gag*), please be sure to give vickyprettyprincess proper credit. You know you couldn't write something like this by yourself.


Leah said...

Oh my. I weep for the English language.