Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Uhhh, Tack-Y!

Lordamercy. Kathie Lee Gifford is sporting a scrunchie on the Today show this a.m. Not only has she pulled up that head of hair into the most offensive hair ornament ever, but she went with a high ponytail too. A loose one. As in "I'm just running out the door to catch an aerobics class with Olivia Newton-John and Jane Fonda" high, loose, scrunchie-secured ponytail. And she knows it was a mistake, cause she made reference to "pulling her hair up in a scrunchie and just forgetting it" when talking about appearing next to Heidi Klum and Molly Sims this morning. I wish I could find a photo, because it's priceless. Pricelessly bad.

On another note, I have a fierce girl crush on Kristin Chenoweth.


Leah said...

We went to a special one-night only concert with Kristin and the New York Philharmonic because I love her too. How can you not? She's the cutest. She has a video on funnyordie.com. Check it out!

lauren said...

I have a serious girl crush on her, too!

Bowlby said...

I like her, but not in a girl crush way. I just feel like we're long-lost best friends.