Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bad Dreams, Scary Dreams, Ca-ra-zee Dreams

So. I've told y'all before that I take The Ambien on occasion to combat the copious amounts of coffee that I drink.

Well, that's not really why. I take The Ambien because sometimes The Crazy gets ahold of my brain and I can't sleep.

But blaming it on coffee sounds better and, well, less crazy.

The Ambien gives me weird dreams though, kind of like when you eat Chinese food too late at night. Examples from the other night.

1. I dreamed that I was complaining to someone that my roots were a little orange, and I was bummed because my hairstylist, Tavia, usually does such an awesome job. This person said, "Well, you can't ever be sure with her because you know she's on the coke." I mean, this was terrifying. It took me a long time to find someone to do my hair here, and I love Tavia! But I was all freaked out because she was a druggie, and in my dream I was way stressed out because I knew I had to leave her. I couldn't trust someone who snorted coke to do my hair!

2. My apologies, Amy, but I dreamed that you, Jacob, Kate, and your little infant baby came to spend the night with me for some reason. Only we all forgot the baby. She stayed in the car all night long, and no one realized it till we got ready to leave the next day, and you opened my car door and started screaming hysterically, "My baby! My baby!" And I was all, she's fine, really, cause it stayed pretty cool last night. (It was summertime.) Incidentally, the baby was fine.

3. I dreamed that one of my friends, who recently gave birth, was pregnant again.

Thank GOD I finally woke up. Tonight I just popped a couple of Simply Sleep.


Natalie said...

I've been known to have some weird dreams of my own- off sleeping pills, but last night I dreamt (is that right?) someone stole my hair dryer. And I was pissed.

amyb said...

Uh...there are no infants in cars or anywhere else in the Mercer household. Yikes. Your dreams are freaking me out.

rt said...

Do you buy The Ambien at The Walmarts?

stephinbham said...

Heh, I buy The Ambien at CVS. But The Walmarts sounds so much better.