Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Decorating Updates

I took these photos last week and am just now getting around to posting them. Things are coming along, slowly but surely.

I put this desk together all by myself. Impressed? Yes, you should be. I haven't hung the picture up yet, but you get the idea. Sorry it's so dark, but the flash was putting a big light over Uga. There is a chair on the way from Ballard.

Here's the new ottoman/coffee table and matching pillows. My dad and sister helped hang the mirror, and I hung the plates myself. Not sure if they're properly spaced. There's a 2-inch foam top beneath the slipcover, which makes the table pretty high. At first I was teary and upset because I thought it was too tall, but now I've decided that I dig it. You can see I'm working on the Christmas decorations too.

New lamp amidst the mess...

And a close-up. The shade isn't nearly so white as it looks here.


katie said...

Boo. I have to come visit. I'm such a bad friend. Boo. Your house is all decorated and stuff. Grr.