Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yes, Thank You. Very Helpful

Conversation between me and the Smoothie King girl after I notice there is a new flavor, Pomegranate Punch, which is making me rethink my usual Angel Food, hold the turbinado.

me: Is the new Pomegranate Punch flavor good?

SK girl: Yeah. I mean, if you like pomegranates.

As Sean pointed out, that's like asking a waiter if the burger is good and he responds, "Yeah, if you like ground beef."

And, I DO like pomegranates. Love them, actually. However, I did not love the new flavor. It was at first very sweet followed with a mouth-puckering tart taste. Too syrupy tasting for me. I prefer the lighter flavors of strawberry and banana.


Summah said...

I wonder what a ground beef smoothie would taste like...

Bo Knows said...

I have to disagree about banana in a smoothie. It is so overpowering and always makes it hard to taste any other flavors. I, on the other hand, enjoy a good citrus smoothie.

The Bakers said...

Is this more important than a picture of my baby?

stephinbham said...

No, no it is not. I am shamed.
BUT, I can't upload pics at work! I promise to post tonight.