Monday, January 28, 2008


Do you sing and dance in your car? No? Well then stop reading now. You won't appreciate this gem.

I was scooting down the road the other night, listening to a CD I burned from my iTunes account, singing my little heart out. I had the hand mic thing going and everything.

So my favorite song comes on, and I busted into my usual routine. I listen to this song at least once a day, and I get. Really. In. To. It. I have hand motions and facial expressions. I'm like one of Gladys's Pips.

That's right. It's "Midnight Train to Georgia." (Yeah, favorite)

Somewhere between "Said I'm goin' back," and "I'd rather live in his world...than live without him in mine," I pulled up to a stoplight. And as I was leaning in to my second "hoo hoo," moving my arm up and down like I was pulling a horn (you know, the way you signal a semi driver to honk on the Interstate), I looked over and saw the car stopped next to me.

My, my. Weren't they amused.

I should have been embarrassed, I know. But sadly, I was not. I got amused right back. And then I kept right on a-singin'.


Bo Knows said...

Stephanie you just won my mother over... Midnight Train to Georgia is right up there on the top of her list too... you two in a car together would be dangerous.

Robin said...

Stephanie, my heart is racing right now, because my dream in life is to be a backup singer.
I want to be a Pip in the worst way. I have sung that song in the car a million times. With hand gestures

She's a superstar, but she didn't get far.....

Bowlby said...

I find this hilarious. All this time, Stephanie, and I had no idea!
What's up with my family and the pre-dawn posting?

Summah said...

You know, I look for people to show off for. Ever since I was in high school, my sister and I have danced and sang like nobody's business in the car, just praying for someone to see and appreciate.

stephinbham said...

Mrs. Demaree, I think we should take a road trip.