Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Drumroll, please

We have a winner. And Jones, I wish you much, much luck. I hope someone else will agree to video, because I'm planning to Work. It. Out. while you're singing. I've picked up some sweet moves from this video. I might get a perm before October.

Ladies and gentleman, the next time you see a video featuring this incredibly delicious hit, it will be of the Karaoke King. And well worth the wait, I promise.


amyb said...

This makes me even more excited about the trip to Nashville! But I'm still going to need your friend to do a rap song for me also. And yes, someone has to bring a video camera!

stephinbham said...

Know what else should make you excited? Erin and I singing "Midnight Train to Georgia" wearing our gold sequin hats. I better buy a Flip.

Jones said he'll do it. Rap song is your choice. Start thinking.