Thursday, August 20, 2009

Joining the "I should be ashamed club"

Katie likes it. And I downloaded it too. (And she posted VIDEO!)

I want to not like her, I do.

And most of the time? Most of the time I succeed.

But I love to dance. And this song makes me dance—all around the house, in the car, at work.

I was embarrassed for myself, so I bought the new song from Train too.


Summah said...

love the earth??? seriously??

(and I actually like this song's on a commercial...)

The Bakers said...

Layton has started watching tween Disney shows and I overheard a song I liked. Turns out it features not just Miley but also a couple of Jonases, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez. So I'm 38 years old going to to listen a song. Where do I send my membership dues?

Emily B. said...

So I guess it's safe to confess: I'm taking my 8-old daughter to the concert in October, and I can't wait!

Emily B. said...

Dang... I meant 8-year-old.

Jennifer said...

So weird, but this is my guilty pleasure song too. I was rocking out to it this weekend. Ash and Sarah wanted to have me committed. Love it.