Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Universe? So mad at me.

I don't even remember what all had happened to me back when I started this post (April 21), I just remember it had been a crappy couple of weeks. And I had had it. I don't know what I ever did to the Universe, but he was not happy with me. And then? Then one day I went to work, I was having another crappy day, and I was hungry. I got a mid-morning e-mail inviting me to tasting. I'm lucky because as a food copy editor, my partner and I have secured a spot on the list. She couldn't go that day, so I went down alone.

Now, for those of you who don't work with me, tasting can be hit or miss. It's always delicious, but sometimes it might be light. Or all desserts. Or all cheese-based dishes (no problem with that, btw). But that day. April 21. The spread before me was nothing short of amazing. And for 30 glorious minutes (and 5 more at my desk when I had more steak and green beans for dessert) the Universe smiled upon me again. Everything was fantastic. And I just wanted to share the list with you. I feasted on…

Two kinds of pasta—cheese and olive
Two kinds of oven fries—Italian and Jerk seasoning
Balsamic green beans
Dijon green beans
Chicken Cacciatore
Two kinds of cheese grits
Asiago cheese rolls
Potato salad
Apple tart with ice cream
Blackberry jam thumbprint cookies


The Bakers said...

You suck. When I worked on Foods, I got to go to tasting exactly once, and I believe they were testing "Five Ways With Tuna Casserole."

Leah said...

Actually Julia, I remember they had the best buffalo wings ever when we went. I make them for every Super Bowl.

TWO kinds of cheese grits? That's all I would need.

The Bakers said...

Oh, I do remember those wings now that you mention them. They were delicious! But she still sucks.