Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Check it out: Memory Road

My friend Summer works for a publishing company that's launched a new—and really cool—venture: Memory Road. It's backed by Don Logan who many readers equate with the good ole days. (I heart Don Logan.) Anyway, I digress. You can read more here.

Check out the site, become a fan on Facebook, and order some really cool stuff from Memory Road! Summer actually gave me a 1978 Yearbook a few months ago, and it's super fun to read through and compare facts to 2009! Wow.

And now—drum roll, please—we're going to have a little trivia and a giveaway. You're going to have to dig around on the site a bit. Leave your answers in the comments section, and I'll draw a winner on Sunday evening, to be announced Monday, May 11! You can choose between a Remember When Magnet or KardLet, your choice of year.

1. How much was a gallon of Vitamin D milk in 1943?
2. "Sip a smile, relax a while" was the tag for which bottled drink campaign?
3. In 1924, a former president died in his sleep. Name him.
4. How much was a gallon of gas in 1959?

Good luck!

*They do discounts for people planning reunions or parties. These would be such awesome party favors!

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Bowlby said...
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stephinbham said...

Bowlby was right! No cheating! I've thrown her name in the hat and deleted the comment to protect her from the dishonest.

Please post a comment here and E-MAIL me your answers at s g mims at g mail dot com.


The Bakers said...

Memory lane and your new job as jewelry salesperson are all well and good. But when are you going to give your audience what it has been patiently waiting for--the story of the zip line?

amyb said...

I heart Don Logan, too. I also miss JAF. And I'm also waiting for the story of the zip line! When are we going back? This girl is addicted to adventure now.

Bowlby said...

Thanks for defending my honor.