Friday, May 8, 2009

Free chicken from The Oprah

So you've all no doubt heard about the free KFC grilled chicken that The Oprah sponsored, no? I'm not going to lie. I tried to print out the coupon. What was to lose? Two pieces of grilled chicken, two sides, and a biscuit. Free. Translation: If it's nasty, toss it out guilt-free. Plus? Free mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. And a biscuit. That's dinner enough for me any day.

But alas. I had to install some kind of wonky coupon-printing software for Macs, and I was at work so I couldn't add extra stuff to my computer without a password. I figured it was a sign.

Oh right. My point.

I was reading on the AJC (which I read every day) that some folks had had problems with the offer. I'm sure because it involves something as complicated as asking KFC employees to scan a bar code. But no matter. That wasn't the most disturbing part of the article.

Y'all, I'm sad to report that KFC's busiest day of the year—a day on which you may not use the free chicken coupon—is Mother's Day. Mother's Day. I'm so sad for these moms, really. My mom would file for a legal separation if I tried to pass off KFC as fancy fare for mom's special day. Psshh.


Bowlby said...

I pass the KFC on Green Springs on a regular basis, and the drive-thru line has been backed up onto the street all week. I bet the KFC employees are LOVING Oprah right now.