Thursday, June 19, 2008

People Have Nerve!

I really can't decide who is dumber here: the woman injured by her thong or the lawyer who took her case.

My favorite part of the Today show interview was when Meredith asked the lady if it was the first time she had worn the thong, or if perhaps it wasn't, and the metal piece had come loose after being washed a few times. Marcrida replied, "No, Meredith, it wasn't the first time, but I have a lot of underwear from Victoria's Secret, and so I had only worn this particular pair a few times."

I'll try to fix the hyperlink from home later.


Bowlby said...

It hit her in the eye? That was NOT what I was expecting.

Bo Knows said...

Bummer, I couldn't see the story. I'm dying to know what happened!