Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flip Flop Slop

I'll post the most creative suggestion for a title.

Here's the deal. Below is a picture of my new (and cheap!) sandals from Old Navy. I got them at the beach. They're lovely, no?

As you can see, they don't offer much support and little distance between my feet and the ground. No biggie.

Except, as we were strolling around Pier Park at the beach last weekend, I stepped on an uneven part of the pavement, my right foot slipped off the shoe a bit, and my toe sunk into something moist and cold. And when I looked down, I saw that my big toe was encased in a cold slice of pizza someone had dropped on the ground.


Bowlby said...

Oh, wow. What a waste of pizza.

lindsey said...

You just have to love the word MOIST---it just gives you the most accurate idea of the situation and the shakes up your spine all at the same time!

stephinbham said...

he he. I thought "moist" would give you all the same feeling I had when I stepped on the pizza. Ew. It's the worst word evah.

Leah said...

Unless you're talking about cupcakes.

amyb said...

Flip Flop Slop?
Or we can go SL style and the headline can be "New Take on Old Pizza."