Friday, June 27, 2008

HA HA HA HA—deep breath—AHA HA HA HA


Paris Hilton Making Music with Benji Madden

It's good to have a musical boyfriend.

Benji Madden has already recorded a song about Paris Hilton, and now the Good Charlotte guitarist is helping her with her own music.

Hilton, 27, told E! News that she and Madden, 29, are hard at work on the theme song to her upcoming MTV reality show My New BFF.

"Benji and I have been working hard on it," she said. "He's helping me write the lyrics for the song and then I'll sing it, too."

The couple, who've been dating for four months, are laying down the track at a studio located, conveniently enough, in her Beverly Hills mansion.

Premiering later this year, My New BFF will follow the former Surreal Life star as she chooses a new shopping buddy from 20 contestants.

Hilton also plans to start working on the follow-up to her 2006 debut CD Paris. "I'll have another album come out, for sure," she told E! News. "I just don't know when yet. I only have the summer off, then I'll be taping another season of BFF. But an album is something I'll do."

EDITOR'S NOTE: I will admit to a slight enjoyment of the Stars Are Blind ditty. Slight.

Also, why will she be filming another season of this show? I mean, the whole point is to find a new BFF and stick with her, right?


Bo Knows said...

Someone has to be seriously dimented to want to be her BFF, she's wacked.

Leah said...

Heinz already auditioned to be her BFF but it didn't exactly work out.

This made me a little sad not to be in on all the scoop anymore!