Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Do your business, Mind your business

Know what bugs more than anything? Well, maybe not anything, but this is a top five pet peeve. Stall talk. People at work who insist on talking to me over the bathroom stalls. Ew. Why do you do this? Sometimes it’s okay if it’s, like, my sister or something, but people at work, people I know only through work—nah uh. This is wrong. And weird.

Plus, when all the flushing starts, it’s impossible to hear, and that just makes the whole thing awkward. Talk. Tinkle. Talk. Flush. Pause. Repeat.


I mean, if you want to catch up or talk shop, just stop by my desk. That’s cool, I’ll take a little break. But do not talk to me while you do your business. Especially if you ate beans for lunch, okay? Because, yes, I’m 12 years old and I’ll start to giggle. I think you get my drift.


julia said...

And please, please, after you do your business, wash your hands. Hand sanitizer is a complement, not a substitute.

stephinbham said...

hmmm...the same person who likes to get chatty in the restroom also prefers ONLY hand sanitizer. ew.

Leah said...

Too bad you didn't have your blog sooner. You could have posted how people shouldn't clip their fingernails at their desks.

stephinbham said...

Also in my top 5!