Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rewind: Oh, St. Valentine. How I loathe LOVE you.

As my friend Lindsey taught me, Happy Wild Hearts Run Free Day, people! All of the original post below is still true, but today I've:

1. Gotten an awesome Valentine's Day goodie box from my parents (with gift cards! and new earrings! and marshmallows!).
2. Received a singing voicemail from Rob, which made me laugh so hard it sounded like I was having an asthma attack.
3. Been invited to an Un-Valentine's Day (one of the greatest made-up holidays ever) dinner at Amy's. She's making baked spaghetti casserole, and the quickest way to my heart is through pasta. If she doesn't duck fast enough, I may kiss her.
4. Eaten chocolates from a heart-shaped box, courtesy of Erin.
5. Opened a text message from this guy, who I miss like crazy!

So, you know, not bad for a Tuesday that happens to be February 14.

Originally published January 29, 2010:

At the risk of sounding like a bitter old hag, I'd like to confess that February 14 really annoys me. I'm no loveless, heartless chick or anything, but icky romantical stuff really creeps me out. I present Exhibit A.

"Surround her with the strength of your love." I mean, really? There are so many, many things wrong with this commercial. I have to watch with my hand in front of my eyes because it's like the part in a horror movie when things are about to go horribly wrong.

All the hoopla surrounding Valentine's Day just makes me gag too: crowded restaurants, prix fixe menus, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. If a dude wants to make me swoon just take the $75 in the rose fund, hand me the cash, and drop me off at Sephora. I guarantee you'll get to second base later.

Oh, lighten up. I'm joking. I'm also a touch-me-not.

I do not, however, begrudge you if V-day is your most favorite holiday in all the 365 days of the year. I actually do like these delightful little love cards.

Get 'em here.

They're perfect. Sweet, not too mushy. No unnecessary prose inside. Just sign it with a "xo, Pooks." Or whatever. You don't even want me to start in on pet names.

*Mom, don't forget my Valentine's Day gifts. I don't see any good reason to get all crazy and turn down a care package.
**Just so y'all don't think I'm some sort of robot: I do enjoy a good chick flick, I'm fine with hugs from *most* people, I cry every time I watch "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," and I love a playlist that mixes Harry Connick, Jr., Michael Buble, Otis Redding, Al Green, and Marvin Gaye. I'm still a girl.


Mom said...

I am so glad you cleared that little issue up. I thought you were saying no Valentine Day gift....whew!

avagdro said...
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Stephanie said...

Well, I know you get a lot of joy out of giving me stuff. Carry on.