Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Pedicure and a Butt Massage

I got a pedicure Friday afternoon. Needed to get back to my beloved Lincoln Park. I tried a new place that is really nice, plus it had the recommendation of a friend. Said friend had a better experience than I did.

Everything seemed awesome in the beginning. Relaxing atmosphere, comfy chairs, and free bottled water. I settled in.

And then my chair seat starting vibrating. And then it started moving. At first it was just weird. Then it got uncomfortable. The sides were squeezing together, and the movement made me feel like I was being pushed out of my seat. And the middle part rose up. You can see where this going. It was, understandably, quite odd.

And I couldn't get it to stop. I finally had to ask my pedicurist (?) for help. He didn't know what to do. So someone had to come help me. By then I had a bit of an audience. Mortifying.

Turns out my remote had come unplugged. Some dude fixed it for me, and I switched the massage to neck and shoulders only.

The rest of the time was just okay. Morgan, the guy painting my toes, drew blood, didn't exfoliate enough, and tried to talk me into a French pedicure because the color I chose was going to stain my nails. Ditch the Lincoln Park? Blasphemy!


Bowlby said...

I find it amusing that no one has commented on this post. Because, like, what do you say?