Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So, by "see y'all tomorrow," I actually meant next week

But let's get real. I'm still making great progress.

It's October. I didn't fully believe that till every calendar I own (and there are many) confirmed it after second and third glances. Omg. How is that even possible? This year is streaking by and, in other news, I am officially a little old lady. I talk about time flying and the weather more often than I should (which is not at all) these days. Oh well. Wanna play a game? It's the one where I hide a cop-out recap post in bad vs. good format. It's pretty much all my brain has the energy for tonight, but I'll double up on my vitamins and try for a real post later this week. Deal.

Georgia giving me a heart attack last Saturday with its first-half performance against Tennessee? BAD
Georgia finally winning the game so I could stop sweating like a you-know-what in church? GOOD

As previously discussed: Fall wedding last weekend? BAD
Working it out on the dance floor to a DJ who indulges your incessant requests for More! Usher! Songs!? GOOD

Throwing your coffeepot down the garbage chute in a fit of rage during your move this past May? BAD
Having your sister long-term-loan you her Keurig? GOOD

Candy corn? BAD
Pumpkin scones from Starbucks? GOOD

Allllmost slipping on an acorn and busting your butt at work? BAD
Not busting your butt after slipping on an acorn? GOOD

Finding out Moon Taxi is playing in Birmingham the day after Thanksgiving, when you'll be in Nashville? BAD (Except the part about me being in Nashville. That's good.)
Finding out Moon Taxi is playing at the Georgia Theatre after the Nov. 3 home game, when your friends from Virginia will be in town? GOOD

Ryan Reynolds marrying someone other than me? BAD
This Ryan Reynolds gif? GOOD