Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm back … with funny stuff

You know you sang this into the mirror last week once upon a time while using your hairbrush as a mic. And now you'll never be able to take yourself seriously again. (Extra credit to my boss for sending this along on a slow Thursday afternoon.)

And, because I never know when to leave well enough alone, here's one of my very favorite songs ever. (Ever!) I've watched it 10 times tonight. (Oh, shutty. It's Monday, and it's raining.) If you don't laugh at this one, you have no soul.

Yeah, no, I wasn't kidding. I really don't know when to stop. But since some of you love to make fun of my genuine love for The Killers, I couldn't leave this one out. Trust me. I could've posted 20 of these. I know. You're welcome.