Friday, November 13, 2009

Sorry I've been MIA

I should have plenty of time to blog now that I am unemployed. Ha.

I've started a new blog as an outlet for my design hobby and ridiculous love affair with beautiful images of home decor. Check it out here.

And lest you think crazy stuff is no longer happening to me, I'll leave you with this quick story.

I went to Publix last night to pick up a few things for Saturday's tailgate. I needed quite a few spices for the rib rub, and I was delighted (that's right, delighted) to see that a particular brand was buy one, get one free. I couldn't find this brand on the spice aisle, but after double-checking the flier I saw the spices were located in the produce department.

I pushed my buggy on over where I spent a good 10 minutes circling around, getting more and more frustrated that I couldn't find what I needed. I was just about to ask someone why the spices were not, in fact, located in the produce department when I realized that I was fruitlessly searching in the freaking meat department.

(I did finally find a nice big basket o' spices to search through, right between the limes and clementines. In the produce department.)


The Bakers said...

You're only telling us today that you started another blog IN OCTOBER?! What are we--chopped liver? (That's different than chopped carrots. I know these things confuse you.)

Stephanie said...

Oh, Julia. How I miss your wit! Ha. To be honest, though, I backdated some posts because I wanted a few up before I announced this blog, just to make sure I was going to be able to find enough stuff to put out there. So it's pretty deceiving, just like me.

Katie B. said...

You need to add a link to the new blog in your side bar, yes?

Stephanie said...

Yes. Done!