Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Happiness Challenge: Day 20

I'm thisclose to falling a full day behind on this challenge and I'm also enforcing a strict 11:30 bedtime on myself tonight because nothing makes me happier than sleep. Nothing makes me grumpier than lack of sleep, and I've done a bad job of falling back into my college hours the past four nights. Going to bed at 2 or 3 a.m. doesn't treat me as well as it once did. So, please, enjoy today's grid of happiness while I get some beauty rest.

1. Magazines. Stacks and stacks of magazines. 2. Coffee in the mornings, before I feel like Little Miss Chatterbox. 3. My sweet nephew Harrison. 4. Jesus Calling. Don't start my mornings without this devotional. I downloaded the app on my iPhone and iPad. 5. Flowers in my bathroom. 6. Salted Caramel yogurt from Pinkberry (says the girl who prefers real ice cream, this stuff is amazing). 7. Giveaways at work. 8. San Pellegrino. 9. Football with my dad. 10. Conundrum White Blend. 11. Kennedy, my favorite little Bulldog in the world. 12. Vision boards and photo booth pics hanging behind my bedroom door. 13. Yes, that's a UGA sock monkey. I sleep with him every night. 14. Smiley face cookies from Savage's. 15. Bookstores. 16. This text from my dad.


Amy Bickers said...

I love that your dad is as supportive of your pretend boyfriend as my dad is of mine. Good dads support their daughter's delusions.

The Cherry Zebra said...

I am sad. Twelve things and your dad made the list twice. Your mother however did not make the list at all. Fail.